Feb 22, 2010

Such a busy thing.

I'm just trying to survive this coming week, then I'll be back in all my blogging glory. It's the last week of this semester, and I have way too much reading, homework and oh yeah - a few papers that I put off - to do. I love to write. I don't love to write papers. And when I do write, it has to be when I'm good and ready. Seeing as how that doesn't always jive with a college schedule or a full time job, I procrastinate papers until the very end, because I write better under pressure.

So this next week will be monster for me, then I have two glorious weeks off of school before the next term begins. After that term, I'll be taking the summer off to relax, work a second job, learn American sign language, write, read, and  generally bask in happiness (until fall semester starts).

See ya in a week!

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