Feb 12, 2008

First Post!

Okay, so today is the first posting, but I am actually posting about what I did yesterday (2/11/08).

Food Log -

Breakfast: 1 FiberOne yogurt (80 cal)
1 Instant Oatmeal (160 cal)
1 Coke Zero (0 cal)

Lunch: Lean Cuisine (320 cal)
4 large strawberries (approx 100 cal?)

Dinner: Atlanta Bread Co. Soup (190 cal)
Atlanta Bread Co. Side house salad (50 cal)
Balsamic Vinegarette dressing (150 cal) <- CRAP! Hot tea no sugar Snacks: 1 100 cal pack cookies (100 cal) 1 Starbucks tall mocha lite frap (140 cal) 1/2 container Cottage cheese & Pineapples (100 cal) V8 Juice (170 cal) Total calories for the day: 1560 Not bad, calorie wise. I had plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber, but not a lot of protein, which is probably why I lost steam while working out. I need to drink more water also and give up the sugar. I can't believe how many calories were in the dressing! I looked up the info on the ABC website this morning and was shocked! They have a fat free raspberry vinegarette that is only 35 calories, so that will be my choice next time I am there. Workout Log -

Legs - 3 reps 15 each leg press
3 reps (1) 15 and (2) 10 thigh abducter
3 reps (1) 15 and (2) thigh adducter

Cardio - 10 minute warm up on Precore machine (like an eliptical but smoother)
20 minutes treadmill on incline 5 at 3.8 speed

I swear, these posts won't always be this detailed. Yesterday being the first day of REALLY trying hard, it was very ambitious. I would like to post on here at least four times a week to keep up with my exercise, if not my diet. Being that my goal is to lose five pounds in the next two weeks, I am tracking calories right now too.

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