Feb 13, 2008

I can barely get up off of the toilet!

I'm so sore! But I like it!

Okay, yesterday I did:
30 minutes on treadmill set at 7 incline varying speed 3.8-5
20 minute Ab class
10 minute on recumbent

I didn't do so great with the eating, I got up to 1900 calories. Not that anything I ate was really bad, but the dinner I made, though healthy, had more calories than I would have liked. Still, not a bad day.

Today I am so sore I don't know if I will make it to the gym. I'm kind of doing that sore leg chicken walk - where you can't really bend at the knee or take long strides so you walk stiff legged with your butt out.

Today I am making it a goal to drink more water than I did yesterday, which was only about 16 ounces. I detest drinking water, so this is hard.

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