Mar 8, 2010

Put a fork in me, I'm done.

Dinner was AWESOME. Grilled chicken burgers loaded up with avocado, feta, arugula and spinach. Roasted lemon broccoli (I forgot to add the garlic, doh!) that was to DIE FOR, and a small salad of arugula and spinach topped with baby carrots, tomatoes, lemon hummus and a splash of Newman's Own Asian dressing. 


My hamburger bun of choice

Since it's another warm, sunny day in Atlanta, I figured the husband and I would go for a walk or run, but that was a no go. I tried out the DVD that came with my medicine ball and it was a serious workout. I was kind of surprised. I think I'll do it three times a week, mixing in with 30 Day Shred and regular cardio in the form of walks and runs, when I can fit them in.

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