Mar 8, 2010

You are what you eat. No, really. You are.

It is AMAZING what a difference my eating habits have made in my life, already. I woke up veritably sprang out of bed at 8am on Saturday morning, feelin' good and ready to just do STUFF. I honestly have not felt like that in probably six months... not even for one day.

And then......

We screwed it all up. It was like falling off the wagon, only also pulling all of your supplies and the horses down on your head. We ran out of time and ended up eating junk (Zaxby's is horrible for you. Why? Why did we go there?), and it started a rumble in my tummy almost immediately. Then, we went out to meet up with friends, which we rarely do anymore for cost reasons and to avoid potential dietary disasters (although we love hanging out with our friends... just usually at our home or theirs). Plus, I hate smoky bars. We ended up in a smoky bar. Where we polished off a giant piece of the richest chocolate cake I've ever had. And I didn't have time to exercise that day. And we stayed out til 2am. No bueno.

So Sunday rolls around, and I wake up too early, and I feel like three kinds of crap. We had already made brunch plans with good friends, so I rolled my butt out of bed and hit up Cracker Barrel. Noooooooo. BAD. Someone slap my hand. I felt like eighteen kinds of crap by the end of the day. Zero energy. Nothing felt good. I couldn't pinpoint what felt sick.... just everything. My tummy hurt, I was exhausted, lethargic, unhappy. So I didn't exercise that day, either.

It's now Monday, and I didn't feel well this morning. I only managed about six bites of my oat bowl before giving up. But I've slowly made progress, and have eaten a banana, some soup, and a snack of walnuts, almonds and butterscotch chips. I realized I didn't drink nearly enough water this weekend, so I'm putting some of that down, too. And you know what? After a little health injection, I feel better! I think I'll be just fine after another night of good sleep, a heck of a lot more water, some exercise and a nice healthy dinner full of greens and fruit. Maybe a chicken lime burger topped with tomato and spinach, with a side of fruit? Sounds good.

It really is true - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. You will only put out quality if you are taking in quality.

So how good is your food? Do you know? Do you even know where it comes from, down to the seeds? Do some research.  It may surprise you. No, I know it will surprise you.

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  1. I completely agree that you are what you eat! Last week I ate healthy all week and felt great. Today my blood sugar drops to 75 and I cram all this crap in to bring it back up. I now feel like that crap.


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