Mar 5, 2010


It was a GORGEOUS sunny day in Atlanta yesterday, so I grabbed my husband after work and headed outside. We took a long walk and had great conversation. I love it when I can incorporate a workout into time spent with him!

He is working tonight (and I had to work late then stop at the store) so I did the usual - the 30 Day Shred, and some Wii Yoga. Felt good to stretch out.... I need to stop during the day and stretch my muscles more often. I tend to be a tightly wound little hunchback while at work. I need someone to tie me to my chair with an Hermes scarf (any movie dorks out there? No? Just me? Awesome).

The oat bowls and whole food eating has just made the biggest difference in my energy level throughout the day, and I've noticed I'm far less hungry than I used to be. I also realized today that I CRAVE whole foods now, instead of junk. This morning I had an oat bowl with flax and then stirred in some pumpkin and almond butter. I ate the crap out of that oat bowl. I didn't have time for lunch (oops!) but I did have two snacks at work - a Kashi bar and a sliced granny smith smeared with almond butter and sprinkled with coconut and butterscotch chips. I also just realized I haven't eaten dinner yet.... and it's 9:12pm.... and I worked out for about 45 minutes straight.... TWO HOURS AGO. I should be absolutely famished right now. Hm.

And I am BEYOND proud of my husband, who went to the grocery store and bought hamburger (instead of going out to lunch on his day off) and then bought the whole wheat thin sandwich bun things.... instead of regular white bread hamburger buns. And he proclaimed that they were GOOD. And, he said that they were the only ones there without high fructose corn syrup. He looked!!  :D

I really think he just needed a good influence in his life, as far as diet and nutrition go. He grew up eating whatever he wanted and thinks that because his dad isn't fat, that he's healthy. Soooooo not the case. I'm glad he's starting to see the difference between "not fat" and healthy.

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